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Most Popular Accounts On Twitter With Real Active Followers

When Justin Bieber tweets, nearly 65 million people review it. On Instagram, 30.9 million individuals like his shirtless selfies. 72 million people after his Facebook web page’s every like, remark as well as post. However what Bieber lacks are the millions needed to place him on this year’s listing of 100 top-earning celebs.
Social media is commonly tapped as a sign of a celebrity’s power. Those that have a high Twitter or Instagram adhering to could quickly get to tens of millions of followers with merely 140 personalities or a single picture. But, remarkably, number of followers does not always mean number of bucks. Actually just 8 out of the 20 celebrities with the greatest Twitter aftering made our International Star 100 listing of the 100 greatest earning celebrities.
While Bieber flaunts the 2nd most Twitter fans as well as Floyd Mayweather does not even have enough to make the top 100 most followed celebs, Mayweather had the greatest incomes between June 2014 and June 2015 with $300 million, as well as Bieber earned less than $28 million, our threshold for making the list. Furthermore Rihanna, Shakira and Selena Gomez each has more than 29 million Twitter followers, however it was thought that you can buy real Twitter followers but they did not make the cut: Shakira and also Selena have never made sufficient to make the checklist, and also the last time Rihanna made enough to be consisted of– throughout our 2014 scoring period– she only made $41 million, which would not also place her in this year’s top 50.
That isn’t to state that social media and revenues never work together or that a high social networks complying with doesn’t help increase earnings. Katy Perry is understood for her appeal on different kinds of social media: With over 71.5 million followers, she is the most followed star on Twitter. She also boasts 23 million fans on Instagram, and 72 million people like her Facebook web page.
With this large fan base, Perry increased to number 3 on our checklist of highest-earning entertainers– the greatest earning non-boxer– making $135 million. While earnings from her Prismatic World Excursion composed a lot of that hefty sum, recommendation manage CoverGirl, Coty as well as Claire’s brought in millions.
It is in these bargains that social networks plays such an essential duty. With a tweeted photo of puckered lips attributed to the CoverGirl gloss luster or a set of glittery jewelries accompanied by a connect to the Claire’s internet site, Perry could reach more people in these brand names’ target audience than the majority of traditional advertising campaigns.
Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and also Cristiano Ronaldo have in a similar way used their popularity to boost their lot of moneys. These stars– all that contend least 36 million Twitter followers– boast diverse endorsements bargains, varying from tennis shoes to sodas to underclothing, that have actually aided land them on the Superstar 100.
Yet with general difference in between the highest income earners and also top names on Twitter, it appears there are several stars that might profit their social media popularity. The Disney duo of Selena Gomez as well as Demi Lovato, who are amongst the leading twenty stars with the greatest Twitter aftering, could possibly offer sweaty fitness center socks to their screaming adolescent fans, while Shakira could possibly charm her way right into anybody’s heart– and also wallet. However maybe companies must wait up until 2016 prior to they selected their following speaker: With over 60 million fans, Barack Obama is right up there with Perry and the Biebs.
Twitters 100 Most Complied with Stars
1Katy Perry@katyperry 71 million +
2Justin Bieber@justinbieber 64 million +
3Barack Obama@BarackObama 60 million +
4Taylor Swift@taylorswift13 59 million +
5Lady Gaga@ladygaga47 million +
6Rihanna@rihanna47 million +
7Justin Timberlake@jtimberlake 46 million +
8Ellen DeGeneres@TheEllenShow 44 million +
9Britney Spears@britneyspears 42 million +
10Cristiano Ronaldo@Cristiano 36 million +
11Kim Kardashian West@KimKardashian 32 million +
12Jennifer Lopez@JLO 32 million +
13Shakira@shakira 32 million +
14Selena Gomez@selenagomez 30 million +
15Ariana Grande@ArianaGrande 29 million +
16Demi Lovato@ddlovato28 million +
17Oprah Winfrey@Oprah28 million +
18P!nk@Pink26 million +
19Jimmy Fallon@jimmyfallon26 million +
20Harry Styles@Harry_Styles24 million +
21One Direction@onedirection23 million +
22Drake@Drake23 million +
23Lil Wayne@LilTunechi23 million +
24Kaka@KAKA23 million +
25Adele@OfficialAdele22 million +
26Bill Gates@BillGates22 million +
27Niall Horan@NiallOfficial22 million +
28Alicia Keys@aliciakeys22 million +
29LeBron James@KingJames22 million +
30Bruno Mars@BrunoMars21 million +
31Pitbull@pitbull20 million +
32Liam Payne@Real_Liam_Payne20 million +
33Wiz Khalifa@wizkhalifa20 million +
34Miley Cyrus@MileyCyrus20 million +
35Louis Tomlinson@Louis_Tomlinson19 million +
36Kevin Hart@KevinHart4real19 million +
37Marshall Mathers@Eminem19 million +
38Nicki Minaj@NICKIMINAJ19 million +
39Avril Lavigne@AvrilLavigne19 million +
40Neymar@neymarjr18 million +
41Emma Watson@EmWatson18 million +
42David Guetta@davidguetta17 million +
43Daniel Tosh@danieltosh17 million +
44Ashton Kutcher@aplusk17 million +
45Conan O’Brien@ConanOBrien17 million +
46Niel Patrick Harris@ActuallyNPH16 million +
47Mariah Carey@MariahCarey15 million +
48Amitabh Bachchan@SrBachchan15 million +
49Coldplay@coldplay15 million +
50Christina Aguilera@xtina14 million +
51Kourtney Kardashian@koutneykardash14 million +
52Zayn Malik@zaynmalik14 million +
53Jim Carrey@JimCarrey14 million +
54Khloe Kardashian@khloekardashian14 million +
55Chris Brown@chrisbrown14 million +
56Beyoncé Knowles@Beyoncé14 million +
57Ed Sheeran@edsheeran14 million +
58Ryan Seacrest@RyanSeacrest13 million +
59Shah Rukh Khan@iamsrk13 million +
60Paris Hilton@ParisHilton13 million +
61Agnes Monica@agnezmo13 million +
62Will.I.Am@iamwill13 million +
63Ivete Sangalo@ivetesangalo13 million +
64Aamir Khan@aamir_khan13 million +
65Leonardo DiCaprio@LeoDiCaprio13 million +
66Narendra Modi@narendramodi13 million +
67Ashley Tisdale@ashleytisdale12 million +
68Kanye West@kanyewest12 million +
69Tyra Banks@tyrabanks12 million +
70Alejandro Sanz@AlejandroSanz12 million +
71Blake Shelton@blakeshelton12 million +
72Salman Khan@BeingSalmanKhan12 million +
73Snoop Dogg@SnoopDogg12 million +
74Ronaldinho Gaucho@10Ronaldinho12 million +
75Ricky Martin@ricky_martin12 million +
76Simon Cowell@SimonCowell12 million +
77Mohamad Alarefe@MohamadAlarefe12 million +
78Charlie Sheen@charliesheen11 million +
79Claudia Leitte@ClaudiaLeitte11 million +
80Dalai Lama@DalaiLama11 million +
81Maroon 5@maroon511 million +
82Kendall Jenner@KendallJenner11 million +
83Andrés Iniesta@andresiniesta811 million +
84Carly Rae Jepsen@carlyraejepson10 million +
85Zac Efron@ZacEfron10 million +
86Marcos Mion@marcosmion10 million +
87Luciano Huck@LucianoHuck10 million +
88Gerard Piqué@3girardpique10 million +
89Raditya Dika@radityadika10 million +
90Deepika Padukone @deepikapadukone10 million +
91Juanes@juanes10 million +
92Sean Combs @iamdiddy10 million +
93Kevin Durant @KDtrey510 million +
94Ludacris @Ludacris10 million +
95Ahmad Mazin Alshugairi @ أحمد الشقيري10 million +
96Paulina Rubio @paurubio10 million +
97Danilo Gentili @DaniloGentilo10 million +
98Kelly Clarkson @kelly_Clarkson10 million +
99Usher @Usher10 million +
100Paulo Coelho @paulocoelho10 million +
B. Scott is one of one of the most noticeable voices in celeb information and chatter blog writing. He introduced his gossip as well as popular culture news web site,, in 2007 and has actually since interviewed many celebrities including Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez as well as Ne-Yo.
I talked with Scott concerning the business elements of his celeb information internet site, and exactly what he thinks the future keeps in terms of brand name growth.
Why did you choose to release
All of it started when I moved to L.a in 2005. I was doing some print modeling occasionally when one of my best friends, Tshaka Muchiteni, and I started blogging for fun. After considering how I might go far for myself, it occurred to me to put my very own face on my very own internet site where I would certainly discuss points that fascinated me. It just so took place that Tshaka was obtaining progressively active with medical college, so I chose to launch in 2007.
When was the moment that you recognized, “Wow, I can actually make a friendly living through my celeb website?”.
I recognized I could make a living off of the web site very early on after I joined my first advertisement network. Quickly after that, every little thing blew up off right into the stratosphere when I did my very first YouTube video clip in June of 2007. The video went viral with the help of a social media marketing agency and put me on the path to turn into one of the first ‘YouTube Celebrities.’.
Exactly what are your viewership numbers like?
We get to millions of distinct site visitors per month at Our social media existence reaches right into the 10s of millions. It’s unbelievable how much the site has actually expanded over the last years and also remains to expand every day. Usually, I forget the amount of people frequently visit the site till I’m out as well as regarding somewhere as well as a passion muffin, just what I call my fans, comes up to me to talk regarding a story we ran. It’s unique to be considered the # 1 Black celeb blogger with one of the largest voices in star news as well as home entertainment.
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How to Use Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram for Marketing Purposes

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram for Marketing Purposes

In this video, I’ll explain what hashtags are, and how to use them for marketing. (Materials at Who invented the #hashtag? Well, it was probably Twitter, but who cares? Hashtags exist on most, if not all, social media networks but especially on Twitter and Instagram. An easy way to think of a hashtag is like a “conversation.” So, for example, you can click on the following and “see” the conversation on Twitter about these topics: #fashion, #california, #dogs, #globalwarming, and #gucci. Similarly, on Instagram, there are hashtags in use such as #chevy, #corvette, and #texas. Think of a hashtag as a “conversation” around the global water cooler, or a “radio show” on your favorite radio station. Even more, you (and everyone else in the world with a Twitter account or an Instagram account) can “chime in” with your thoughts, images, videos, and perspective on these “topics of conversation” or “hashtags.”

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Tom Brady Deciding Whether To Join Twitter or Instagram

Tom Brady Deciding Whether To Join Twitter or Instagram

Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, is a fairly private person — even if he’s a future Hall of Famer and arguably the best QB to ever play the game.

Up until now, he has provided fans insight into his off-the-field life through his verified Facebook account. Known for his aversion to social media, Brady surprised Pats Nation on Friday, when he hinted that he’d soon be joining a new social media outlet. On Saturday afternoon — in a mock “signing day” ceremony that he appeared to have held for himself in his home — Brady made the announcement he had joined Instagram.

watch on facebook live Tom Brady Deciding Whether Join Twitter or Instagram

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Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: Social Media Tips – IMO Ep. 144

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: Social Media Tips – IMO Ep. 144

Daniella Monet and the rest of the IMO girls have some great social media tips! Daniella talks about staying unique and always making sure her instagram pictures are out of the ordinary, Meaghan Dowling mentions that she has no filter on her twitter account, and Teala Dunn realizes that she may instagram a bit too often! Do you like the IMO hosts’ twitter and instagram accounts? Let us know what your social media tips are!


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Audrey Whitby –,
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IMO- these girls have opinions on everything! boys, Bieber, breakups, fashion, celebrities and everything in between. if you’re thinking about it, they’re talking about it! join Supah Ninja’s Gracie Dzienny, YouTube’s own Bethany Mota (macbarbie07), Twitter star Meaghan Dowling (@teenthings), Audrey Whitby of So Random, Big Time Rush star Ciara Bravo, Shelby Fero, Victorious’ Daniella Monet, Michaela Blacks and great special guests! they always want to hear from you so make sure you join in on all of the fun and comment like crazy. you never know when IMO will feature your comment!


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Instagram vs. Twitter vs. Facebook vs…. Craigslist?

Instagram vs. Twitter vs. Facebook vs…. Craigslist?

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Como hackear Twitter, Facebook, Instagram e Snapchat ! Método sem programa ou App!

Como hackear Twitter, Facebook, Instagram e Snapchat ! Método sem programa ou App!

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Social Media, Why Linkedin, Twitter & Instagram Matter to Designers

Social Media, Why Linkedin, Twitter & Instagram Matter to Designers

How can designers use social media or content marketing to get more clients? Does social media work for marketing? How do I do it?

Don’t be afraid to use Social media to show a narrative of your work, to give value and insight about what you have to offer the world. Just put stuff out and experiment with different platforms.

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Chris and Jose talk about social media for designers. Why designers should be on Social Media and how to use it. They discuss best practices for designers, do’s and don’ts and what to do when no one is watching.

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1:35 Why you should be active on social media
2:48 Use social media to develop the narrative of your personal brand
6:11 The reason why you want to build an audience
8:21 Focus group testing: create concepts and get quality feedback
10:32 The landscape of social media
12:20 Personal Branding on social media
14:30 Be careful what you put up on social media because it becomes your narrative
15:51 Q: Can you afford not to master social media?
19:14 Best practices for social media
21:38 Share the process of how you come up with ideas
22:04 Share content at the right times
22:45 Use the platform that best showcases your strengths
24:22 Be consistent in your social media efforts

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Make Your Instagram Photos Post to Twitter Automatically

Make Your Instagram Photos Post to Twitter Automatically

One of our most popular blog posts is this one describing how to get your Instagram photos to be visible in your Twitter timeline. So we made a video showing you how to do it for the people that prefer to learn that way.

Why does this matter? Because if you just choose the option in Instagram to post to your Twitter account, only a link will be posted, not the actual photo. This method will post the photo to Twitter so it will show up in the timeline.

To make this work, you will need an Instagram account, a Twitter account and an IFTTT account (

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