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How to Share Instagram Photos as Native Twitter Photos

How to Share Instagram Photos as Native Twitter Photos

This short tutorial shows you how to share Instagram photos as native Twitter photos. Normally, when you share Instagram photos to Twitter, what shows up is just a “LINK” to that photo on Instagram. You don’t see the actual photo in your Twitter feed. Using the Website IFTTT (IF This, Then That) allows you to remedy this.

Now, if you’re asking WHY would you want your Instagram photos to show as native Twitter photos in your Twitter feed, it’s to increase engagement. When people see your photos right in their Twitter feed, they’re more likely to like or ReTweet the photo. Not always, and I”m not saying that folks won’t share your Twitter posts that just have the Instagram “LINK” in them. But… why not “Urge” them to share the photo by making it visible to them right in the feed?

Just my two cents. I use this option myself and find it to be effective.

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