Instagram or Twitter?

Instagram & Twitter | Most asked Question

Instagram & Twitter | Most asked Question

Sorry its been a while since i posted a video! i was out of state for a little… a much needed get away! but i have been receiving the same question on almost all my videos so i thought i would record a quick video explaining all about my social media.

i personally have chosen to not have any type of social media except youtube, simply due to personal reasons and prefrences. i am in no way saying people who do have social media are making a bad choice, i am just at a point in my life where my self esteem and confidence arent high and i need to make changes in my life to better myself and my attitude!!!
there is nothing wrong with social media as long as you are using it for all the right reasons!!!

thank you for all the support so far, honestly words cant even exaplin how thankful i am for all of you who have been leaving amazing comments and subscribing to my channel!!!!

stay tuned for an upcoming makeup tutorial!! it will be up soon:)

xoxo Sara K

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