Instagram or Twitter?

Is Instagram a Greater Social Network Than Twitter?

Is Instagram a Greater Social Network Than Twitter?

Question: Numbers of monthly active users aside, do you think Instagram is actually a larger social network than twitter?

Daniel, I think that Instagram and Twitter are tremendously different. I think Twitter is kind of the townhall, the cocktail party of our society. When things happen in the world, you know that is where we are going, you know unfortunate hostage situation in Sydney. I am not running to Insta to see the pictures. I am running to Twitter for the conversation on the foot side. I do not believe there is a social network in the world that exists right now that has more of the end attention of the consumer than Instagram meaning looking at those pictures pretty carefully. In this world by comparison, you know, it is, you know this episode is going to tie nice together because, nicely, I know the other questions and I know my push for Insta. I think it is about attention on the gram and I think that is where it is really winning. I think people are really consuming content and paying attention, one of the reasons that Twitter is evolving is you know I used to able to send a tweet six years ago and even though with substantial less of an audience of reach, I had more action because the attention was more serious. Now, the fire hose has gotten so intense, so those are the variables, you know. From a neck-neck game of attention, I think it is pretty close but Instagram is clearly going in the right direction. They just put that differently. That is all.

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